I am a woman under construction

I change my inner structure. I detach myself from the illusory layers of reality that I considered to be the truth about myself and the world. I restructure myself by navigating my feelings as the compass of my truth. I run an internal barometer that tells me what is mine and what is borrowed. I check if he still needs the old walls with peeling plaster that served as the foundations of my being. I feel like I’m suffocating within these walls. And he decides to create new spaces inside himself, more compatible with me here and now.

I am detaching from the truth about myself that
…to be safe, they need a stable, well-paid job,
…to have good relations with other people needs to learn compromises,
…to experience connection, trust and unconditional love, I should respond to the needs of others, especially those closest to me,
…to be a good mother I should send my children to school,
…to have a happy life, I should only take care of myself and not try to change others. I can see how bullshit it is. My life depends on the life of this planet. The life of this planet depends on each of you. And that’s how we’re connected. So I won’t lock myself in my backyard. I am Change and I bring it where change is needed.
I’m a woman.
I am a woman under construction.
I am a woman who KNOWS.

I know that something other than a patriarchal system and competition for resources is possible. I experience a space of abundance and guidance by E.C.C.O. (Earth Coincidence Control Office), what some also call guiding through the Universe where winning happens for everyone.
I know that something else is possible than creating relationships with women, where I build a connection by saving each other from personal dramas, gossiping and hiding shit under the carpet, under the slogan of creating a „soft female space”. I experience women’s spaces where the connection is built on radical honesty, sharing your feelings in relationships with other women and taking responsibility for yourself.
I know that something else is possible than school education, which has been adapting children to work for over a century, fueling consumerism and patriarchy. I experience people and spaces where basic education is to make space for children to feel what they really are and to search for who they really are.
I know that something else is possible than working in corporations, living from 1 to 1, from vacation to vacation, what is called „working life”, as if there is a different life than the one you have right now. I experience a life in which I boldly go into the New with the certainty that I still have access to many opportunities.

I am a Woman who knows that she is part of the collective collective of other Women, including Gaia, and from this connection I can co-create a new culture of Women and Men. I am a woman who knows how to dive into deep water and learns to swim in the ocean of the unknown.

I know that I have access to all this knowledge and I am learning how to use it consciously and responsibly. I’m in the process of building a New Unknown.

Woman and Man, I invite you to build with me. I have an experiment for you:
Honor 3 Women for the next 7 days. Appreciate the qualities of her Feminine Being, not what she does or what she has. Appreciating the quality of Doing or Having are patriarchal values.
Woman, let your Femininity accompany the Femininity of another Woman. The qualities of every Woman are present in her whether she is aware of it or not.
Man, be a space for Woman to flourish.

Share your findings from this experiment!

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