Love / Creation / Empowerment


Who I am?

I am the Edgeworker committed to Evolution and Aliveness, Sorceress manifesting Love, Connection and Empowerment.

I hold space for people, who are in the process of transformation where they connect with themselves and reframe who they are. I am holding the space to evoke new possibilities for the souls expansion. For this I use especially my power of change, passion for discovery and my ability of creating intimate connection with people.

I have a calling to create New Culture where people discover who they really are so that they can follow their life purpose. I believe that we are here for a reason and everything is connected. We are all responsible for what we create including our individual lifes as well as the life on Planet Earth. I am confident about the unity of humankind and its evolution. I believe that there is a purpose beyond everyday existence. It sustains me in the face of life’s mysteries. I am here to hold space for your discoveries.

I am a mother of 3,5 years Leo and 1,5 year old Mia and together with my partner I create a new culture of parenting.

My Offer


Possibility Coaching is a set of healing and initiation tools that empower you to take back your authority. The clarity gained in the session gives you new options to choose from and the energy to transform these choices into new actions.

Possibility Coaching shows and opens doorways into new spaces within the area that you want to work with. In the session, I navigate you through the feelings and mental constructs, which are holding you back from creating the results that you want. This space is dedicated to transformation and healing.

Investment: 80-100 EUR/1-2h session


Couples Coaching is a space to heal and transform your relationship through active listening, speaking from your feelings and connecting as adults. In the session I am navigating by using maps, distinctions, tools and processes from Possibility Management to bring the clarity to the space.

This session is dedicated to couples who want to evolve in their relationship to create more connection and intimacy.

Investment: 80-100 EUR/1-2h session


This is a 5 to 7 meetings process where you discover what is your destiny and what is your role on Planet Earth. During the process you distill your talents and passions, the qualities and values (your Bright Principles) that are yours and you create a path for your own evolution. Finding your purpose and living it allows you to evoke your full potential so that you can live fulfilled life.

This process is for people who are looking for the purpose in their life and who wants to take responsibility for who they are.

Investment: 80-100 EUR/1-2h meeting

If you are not sure if the service I provide is what you are looking for, let's arrange free of charge meeting to get clarity about that.

Worktalks & Trainings

Online and offline spaces for discoveries and evolution.


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What people say?

I worked with Ewa during a several-month "Find your purpose coaching" process, consisting 6 sessions together and working on my own. From the first session to the last, Ewa created and maintained a safe space, which for me is very important and even essential for coaching work. In addition, before the start of the session, Ewa made sure that I "get out of my mind" and directed to the source of information within myself. Ewa also navigated me to my inner self and to go beyond "the obvious" during the sessions, which was very useful in moments of getting stuck. Also a special quality, and for me an advantage of Ewa, is her great intuition, her ability to read a person beyond and between words and to put this together into a coherent content. I perceived Ewa as the right woman in the right place, who knows what she is doing, who is always prepared for a session, and at the same time is able to make sure that the process flows, despite a certain framework. For me, working with Ewa was a breakthrough. I discovered my calling, in line with my Soul's destiny, I discovered a set of my unique super-powers, and set directions to use my resources to realize my mission.


What people say?

During the meetings, Ewa is a partner who does not impose a narrative, but navigates so that I can go deep into myself and find a starting point to work on issues that are problematic for me. What is important, each meeting engages me emotionally, mobilizing me for further development. In the meantime, I also had the opportunity to take part in group workshops held by Ewa. Three days of intensive work allowed for a better understanding of certain aspects and strengthened the belief in the need to take care of myself, my emotions and needs.


What people say?

Ewa took me on a journey inside myself, which allowed me to look closely, feel, express and change what was blocking me from living fully. Soft, gentle and at the same time clear and without bullshit. The space she creates made me feel safe, and so I was able to dive really deep and also face the things I've been running away from for years. I am extremely grateful for this process!


What people say?

Ewa hold space in a way that I felt secured to unfold my stories. My emotions were more than welcome to show up as Ewa supported me to discover them with question that open my heart to speak. Her presence and healing principles get me on a path of integration that last for days. I so appreciate.



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